Fuck Wharton!
June 10, 2019
You don’t SEEM Gay
June 12, 2019

By the time I was 22, I had been arrested 21 times…underage drinking multiple times, public urination multiple times, A&B, felony possession, misdemeanor possession, criminal trespassing, etc. you name it, I got it…it just didn’t occur to me that you couldn’t do these things or rather not doing them was not worth not doing it if that makes sense…and getting arrested all seem to go sort of surprisingly well…most times I was ROR like in Ithaca for A&B (I beat the shit out of this guy in at super market like 5 AM…you’ll have to ask Jhook where/which one because I don’t remember) but I slept for a few hours and left town never to return (I think I used my fake id which was even stupider) or I can paid a fine or made some donation to some charity in the FOP name or I just happened to know Uncle Luck #Uncle Luck and they would leave the jail cell open by mistake and it was inconceivable to me that I would live past 22 so the notion of a record never dawned on me (you know the part where they ask you if you have ever been arrested?  I need the back to answer that question)…I figured a car accident would get me…I’d been in so many some with me at the wheel, most not, I would OD, some boyfriend would kill me, I’d kill myself literally or figuratively, I mean something right…then I get arrested for the 22nd time…that was a doozy…stay tuned for that one…#22Indictments…

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