The Characters

Alex Stratton

He is the or our main character of the story. While he is strongly based on one individual, he is amalgamation of many characters we have met on our journey. It is coming of age story of the restaurant business and the things that have shaped that industry over the last few years but also the coming of age of a man and his quest for meaning in a seemingly meaningless world.


Mickey was the mastermind of the whole decadent era. Mickey was sharp. He had it all figure out. He sent the roving band of lunatics across the country led by you humble narrator to open bar after bar. He pulled the strings.


Maggie was the siren that lured Alex into a world he knew better than to partake in…He wasn’t raised that way but yet, he returned and returned often.


Shel embodied everything Alex should have wanted in a woman. She was smart and sexy and loyal to a fault…Alex didn’t deserve her yet she was always there doing whatever it took to create yet another den of debauchery for others to indulge.


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