Harrison SC 2023-24 travel tryouts. Tryouts will be held the weekend of April 15 & 16 and the week of April 17th.  Players are required to attend at least one of the two tryouts within their age group. They can attend both if they wish and their highest rating will be used for their evaluation (not averaged). If they do not attend either, players are not eligible for the “A” Team and will only be placed on a team if a roster spot is available. Harrison SC coaches will be conducting all tryouts and evaluating all the boys and girls for each age group. Both tryout sessions will be run the same way and the same criteria will be used. The tryout will consist of various technical skills activities and small-sided game play.

Girls 2016 through 2010:

CLICK HERE TO REGISER for 2023-24 season

Girl’s Travel Coordinator:  Pat Wells 2023-2024 Season

Age group 2023-2024 Season (Based on Player Birth Year)

2016 Girls
2015 Girls
2014 Girls
2013 Girls
2012 Girls
2011 Girls
2010 Girls
2009 Girls and older Consult the Girl’s Travel Coordinator for current teams.

  • Players will now be placed in a competitive soccer environment, according to each team’s ability level, in a travel league.
  • Players will continue to develop individual technical and tactical knowledge of the game.
  • Teamwork and sportsmanship will continue to be emphasized.
  • Tournament play opportunities will also be available to interested teams.

Harrison SC 2023-2024 Travel Soccer Field Evaluation Schedule GIRLS:

2016 Girls: Sunday April 16n12:15pm -1:15pm; Thursday April 20  5:30p-6:30p
2015 Girls: Sunday April 16 11am-12:15pm; Thursday April 20  7p-8:15p
2014 Girls: Sunday April 16 12:15pm -1:30pm; Monday April 17 Girls 5:45p-7p
2013 Girls: Sunday April 16 8am-9:15am; Wednesday April 19 5:45p-7p
2012 Girls: Sunday April 16 9:30am-10:45am; Tuesday April 18 7p-8:15p
2011 Girls: Sunday April 16 8am-9:15am; Monday April 17 7p-8:15p
2010 Girls: Sunday April 16 9:30am-10:45am; Tuesday April 18 5:30p-6:45p

In the event of inclement weather during one of the above tryouts dates, we may reschedule to the week of April 24

Should we need to postpone due to weather you would be notified as soon as possible via email.


  • Equipment: Each 2016- 2012 player will need to have a size 4 ball, shin pads, and cleated shoes.
  • Each 2011 and older player will need to have a size 5 ball, shin pads, and cleated shoes.
  • Practices arranged by the individual coach.
  • Games Saturday afternoon – 2016-2010
  • 2016-2014 (7v7)
  • 2013- 2012 (9v9)
  • 2011 and older (11v11)
  • All rules of soccer will apply.

Important FAQs:

  • HSC Head Coaches and their assistants within the age group will conduct the tryouts.
  • Players need only attend one tryout if only trying out in their birth year.
  • If a player attends both tryouts within their birth year, their best score will be used.
  • Registration for tryouts closes April 13 2023.
  • If you do not preregister an additional nonrefundable walk up tryout fee will be applied, fee: $10.
  • If a player is offered and accepts a spot on a Harrison SC roster, a total registration fee of $150 will be due within 48hrs.
  • This registration fee includes funding for a team trainer.  It does not include a uniform.
  • We are starting a new 2 year uniform cycle. Every player will need to purchase a kit.
  • Times above are subject to change; registration numbers may dictate a change.

Please read below carefully on HSC Tryout Guidelines (mandated by USSF* and NJYS*) so you know how to correctly register your child.

2016 Boys & Girls: The only birth year eligible is 2016 (no 2017 players will be allowed). 2016 players will not be allowed to play up one year.

2015-2010 Boys & Girls: All incoming 2015-2010 players in Fall 2023, are eligible to play up ONE calendar birth year age group. However, it will be required that:

(1) the player MUST attend at least one tryout in his/her calendar birth year age group. Failing to attend one tryout in the player’s birth year age group will result in that player being placed on the lowest rated team in their age group, as long as a roster spot is available.

(2) He/she may attend a second tryout for the age group that is ONE calendar birth year older. Players registering for more than one age group are doing so with the knowledge that the club will place them according to their tryout results. If a player chooses to tryout for an older age group, he/she will be placed on the highest rated team they scored on with the older age team being the tie-breaker. For example, if a 2011 player rates on both the 2011 and 2010 “A” teams, that player will be placed on the 2010 “A” team. However, if a player rates on the 2011 “A” team and the 2010 “B” team, that player will be placed on the 2011 “A” team. As in years past, teams are formed based on tryout ratings and those decisions are final. It is not a player’s choice which team they will be placed on. As a township soccer club our primary focus is making sure as many young travel players as possible have a team in Harrison SC to play for and they are placed according to their current ability.

(3) If you intend on having your child tryout to play up one calendar year when asked during registering:  Will the player be attending tryouts in birth year +1? select yes

Any questions please contact info@harrisonsoccerclub.org