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As our logline suggests, you are about to enter a world of decadence, debauchery, and denial. Appetite for Destruction is the story of a young man’s coming to age during the late 80s and 90s. Set in the backdrop of the restaurant and bar industries, we see young Alex McCormick go from dishwasher to owner/operator of a nationwide chain of bars that he later uses as a front for an upscale prostitution ring.

Stakes run high when Alex tries to keep his addictions and paranoia at bay while running his businesses, evading the law, and hunting down the doctor that killed his young brother. While Appetite can be described as a “period piece”, we intend to deliver a darkly comedic story as timeless as the sin of debauchery itself.

The project began when our real-life protagonist was asked the question “What are you up to?” to which he responded, “I’m writing Gasoline: The Fuel of a Nation about the duality of man and man’s search for meaning… soon to be a major motion picture…and board game and uh ̶ “. His caller interrupted, “Fuck that shit! Write about the McPaddy’s years of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll!” From there our humble writer proceeded. Fueled by bourbon and heroin, he cranked out a 162-page screenplay.

As you may have surmised by now, it wasn’t incredibly good. But as you will soon learn, that did not deter our guide. It was raw; full of emotion and passion, and it touched on some shit that resonated with some low people in high places.

Shortly, you will meet Alex and his cast of merry degenerates whose shenanigans will certainly entertain. Along the way, you may begin to see the restaurant/bar business as you may have never seen it before – as a real business. And you will see a conflicted character lead his “Ministers of Hospitality” and “Lucky Charms” into battle.

We hope we have whetted your Appetite enough for you to join us. If not, it’s probably best you bail now anyway. This isn’t for the faint of heart. To the rest of you ̶ enjoy! We invite you to see where we have been, where we are, and where we are going.


Since the first day we met at our preppy high school ̶ “inappropriately dressed” in cut-off shorts, tongue-out sneakers, rock concert T’s, and bandanas ̶ we have been doing shit out of nowhere.

Our reasoning (or lack thereof), typically went like this, “Uh, why not?” And since neither of us met an early demise in the process, we’d try shit again…and again.

We’d often just head out into the Georgetown night to see what trouble we could find. After multiple arrests for public urination and/or drunk and disorderly conduct, we would wake up with canckles, former homecoming queens (ours and yours), and various other maladies and memories.

Our shenanigans ran the gamut: unloading a dump truck with 500 pounds of sand into our dorm for a toga party, playing molecules in the elevator ̶ causing 40K worth of damage, and ̶ far too often ̶ trying to get to an ER for stitches but instead settling for Band-Aids because the assortment of drugs we were on would make us suspect.

We formally apologize to Cornell, Syracuse, the University of Maryland, and all the other universities that had the unfortunate distinction of being anywhere near where we could go ̶ uninvited, unannounced, and destructive.

Back then, our living-breathing mantra was, “When others say ‘Why?’, we say, ‘Why not?’”. While that reckless slogan served us well in our youth, a new, more refined spirit of audacity fuels our lives today as we start a new endeavor: Movie Making! Why the fuck not, right?

We ask a fundamental question first posed by Nietzsche (we think), “Do you have an appetite?” Please be inspired by us, for us, and with us. We can’t be us, without you. Join our project and make this shit happen.


Appetite For Destruction Production