Plenty of other bars

You don’t SEEM Gay
June 12, 2019
Me too?
June 12, 2019

My toes were swollen and a bloody mess, I had a stress fracture in my left foot and my right knee buckled if I turned the wrong way…doc told me to take 2 weeks off my feet and I’m like…you’re joking right?  You know what I do for a living…I took a vic and went back to work…who are we kidding…I took 6…I was on the floor 7 days a week from 5PM-2AM for 23 months to make sure that bitch ran perfectly…I mean perfectly…if I had to do something…anything…that meant a system had failed so I did what I had to do at that moment to deal with it but then changed the system…if it was person…lord let it not be someone’s fault…not only was that person fired and if was egregious enough I had them taken to the back alley fucked up to send a message to anyone and everyone that there is a way to do things…my way…and there is a way to not…any other way…#inspectwhatyouexpect#thatsrightandifyougotaproblemwithitthereareplentyofotherbarssogofuckyourself

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