You don’t SEEM Gay

June 12, 2019
Plenty of other bars
June 12, 2019

So I had a florist once….funny the things you remember/resonate w/ you…so I said to him one day, so you’re don’t seem gay, how do you become a florist (terrible right?  I know…don’t ask, don’t tell…not me…homophobic…seemingly but not I was joking/fucking w/ him…we had gotten to be friends) so he shows me his leg and there is a scar the size of the grand canyon going all the way around his leg just above his ankle and he said I was in a car accident…I said shit…were you alright other than this and he said he was, and lucky to be alive…he fell asleep driving home and hit a tree going 55…never hit the breaks at all…straight into the tree…fortunately he said it wasn’t a direct hit or he would be dead (no seat belt) but it was glancing blow so the car flipped over 3 times…he was thrown from the car after the 1st flip or he would be dead then too…he woke up w/ his foot next to his knee…he said it was the strangest sight because he said he was awake for the whole thing, never blacked out and felt relatively okay the whole time but thought to himself I must be really fucked in the head because I’m growing a foot out of my knee…it wasn’t completely severed but the foot, bone, tendens, flesh,etc. whatever else was hanging on by one flap of skin…I know gross right…I said were you drinking…he said not a drop…I said what happened…he said I was restaurant manager and I was driving home on a Sunday night after an 80 hour week…#cautionarytales…

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