Coaches are the cornerstone of Harrison SC.

These tireless volunteers invest too many hours to count to help our players get the most out of their Harrison Soccer experience. With an emphasis on player development – and on fun – our coaches put their heart and soul into this difficult and rewarding task.

You can never thank a coach too often for their dedication, determination, and time!


F License

New Jersey Youth Soccer is conducting some courses in our area.  For coaches:  If you have a parent or parents that would like to become assistant coaches with our club and stand on your sideline during matches – THEY MUST BE CARDED TO YOUR TEAM!  In order for them to become carded to your team, they need to complete the F License Course and the Concussion Awareness Training (at minimum).  These courses can be found on the NJYS website (

Word to the wise? Check this page weekly. Local classes fill up fast!

E License
E License Courses are also being offered this summer and are a great way to expand your coaching strategies and styles.  The course goes somewhat more in depth of the Discovery Coaching Methodology, Learning Theory, and tactical play at the 11v11 level. There is an opportunity coming up shortly at Total Turf with the South Jersey Barons – more information can be found here:

CDC Heads Up Concussion Training
All coaches must – and all parents should – take a few moments to complete this very informative online course!

Click here to take the course now!